PDF Images of ICLR (Incorporated Council of Law Reporting) content are now available on Westlaw HK .  ICLR is a public agency in England that produces case reports. In Westlaw HK the ICLR PDF images can be accessed using the United Kingdom Case Locator Database.

Database identifier: UK-CASELOC

You can now access the PDF versions of the full ICLR archive, dating back to 1865.  The PDF icon appears within the header of the Case Locator document. Usefully, all PDF documents are machine readable, allowing you to copy and paste text from the PDF.

To access these PDF reports you either need to subscribe to the UK Primary Law add-on, or be able to access the content on a transactional basis. For further details, please contact the member of staff at your organisation responsible for managing subscriptions, or contact Westlaw HK for more information.