Westlaw HK has updated Hong Kong Civil Procedure (The Hong Kong White Book) to display the 2009 edition.  The 2009 edition includes Volume 1 (The Rules of the High Court), Volume 2, and Volume 3 (Hong Kong Civil Procedure Forms, available on Westlaw HK for the first time.).


There are different ways to access the Hong Kong White Book on Westlaw HK:


Homepage Search

There is a defined template search on the homepage (Hong Kong tab) which enables users to search a number of fields including:

־             Full text

־             Heading

־             Order number


Users can also filter their search by document type:


Hong Kong White Book Homepage Search

Hong Kong White Book Homepage Search


Advanced Search

Clicking on Advanced Search next to the Hong Kong Civil Procedure homepage search template enables a larger terms & connectors or natural language search template.


Table of Contents

Accessible from the right of the Advanced Search template, users can click on the ‘Table of Contents’ link.  This takes users to a table of contents that can be browsed in the same structure as the print publication volumes 1, 2 and 3.


Hong Kong White Book Table of Contents

Hong Kong White Book Table of Contents


Features & Functionality

  • Searching provides keyword highlighting
  • Browse table of contents
  • Natural language search
  • Terms & connectors search
  • Links to Hong Kong case law
  • Links to Hong Kong legislation
  • Links to UK case law
  • Links to UK legislation
  • Seamless browsing from section to section

For assistance in using the Hong Kong White Book 2009 please email training@westlaw.com.hk