In working with local law school students a question was brought up which may be a helpful reminder for all Westlaw users.  “How can I look up cases coming from the Court of Final Appeal?”

From either the “full text” field from HK Case Law or using Terms & Connectors (Advance Search Link) one can type in co(cfa) before entering any other search terms.  The co tells the system that the search is restricted to the following court (in this case cfa Court of Final Appeal).  In this example one can add more search terms such as director’s duties which would look like director /3 duty.  The complete string would be co(cfa) & director /3 duty.  We are telling the system to find all case law coming from the Court of Final Appeal dealing anything pertaining to director within three terms of the word duty.

This simple example should yield the user specific cases from this court, thus saving valuable time.  For a more complete list of field restrictions please click on the “Advance Search” link on the right side of the Hong Kong Case  Law Quick Search.  The Terms & Connectors search engine with have a drop down “Fields” area showing the complete list of restrictors.