Westlaw HK recently held an event at its Central office in the Landmark, to showcase a series of products which are now available for sale in Hong Kong.  Over 30 practitioners including solicitors, barristers, law librarians and academic law librarians arrived ready to find out about the latest developments from Westlaw HK.


The session began with a short comedy video created by the Westlaw team in the US, about how Westlaw helps to take the stress out of legal research (See Westlaw Stress Toy – Part 1).


Our Online Trainer, Bill White, then provided some valuable tips on how to search case law more effectively (see Restricting your searches (when less is more)).  This gave the attendees a short-cut to speed up the generation of relevant search results and really achieve better results faster.


Bill White demonstrates effective case law research

Bill White demonstrates effective case law research


Jon Green, our Regional Online Account Manager then followed up with a demonstration of Westlaw China.  This new product from the Westlaw portfolio redefines Chinese law by categorising cases, legislation and regulations into legal issues to facilitate legal research based on the topic.  No longer do researchers of Chinese law need to look in several places to find the relevant materials for a topic.  Now they can just log on to Westlaw China and go to the relevant legal issue and then be presented with all the relevant materials.


Jon Green demonstrates Westlaw China

Jon Green demonstrates Westlaw China

Bill then took to the stage again to highlight another online service recently made available in Hong Kong, Lawtel Precedents.  This online service provides UK precedents for 4 key areas, Commercial, Commercial Property, Employment and Wills.  With hundreds of precedents now available online, practitioners no longer need to research and then re-type from a book.  Lawtel Precedents helps to deliver templates which can be edited by practitioners on demand.  Bill demonstrated the house-style tool which enables law firms to tailor documents to fit a client’s look and feel by creating styles which standardise fonts, logos, headers, footers etc.


To close the seminar, participants were given a taste of the future with some insight into the developments taking place on Westlaw HK in 2009, which promise to dramatically simplify legal research in Hong Kong.  Watch this space for more on these developments….


At the end of the seminar attendees could network with other practitioners or take the opportunity to speak with someone from the Westlaw HK team.


Feedback from the seminar has been excellent so we will be planning further sessions to help keep Hong Kong’s legal profession and academic community informed about all the latest developments.


In 2008 Westlaw HK spent a lot of time talking with customers and 2009 promises more of the same.  So watch this space for more details about Westlaw HK events or register for the Sweet & Maxwell e-newsletter to keep abreast of all product launches for print and online services by emailing enquiries@westlaw.com.hk.


If you are interested in sharing your views about Westlaw HK or would like to provide any general feedback or insights, please email feedback@westlaw.com.hk.