Westlaw HK is pleased to announce the addition of West’s Series on Contemporary Chinese Law to the Hong Kong subscription.  This provides a gateway into Chinese economic, business, criminal and tax law.  Chinese legal scholars provide an introduction to law in the People’s Republic of China.


Through this new series, Westlaw HK customers will gain a better knowledge of each major legal area needed to start doing business in China.  Beginning with basic fundamentals and then working into more complex concepts, this new series is specifically designed for those who are not yet in China, but looking to establish a presence.


Separate volumes cover the economic and legal conditions pertinent to business development, commercial law, criminal law, and tax.


  • Chinese International Economic Law, Vol. 1
  • Chinese Business Law, Vol. 2
  • Chinese Criminal Law, Vol. 3
  • Chinese Taxation Law, Vol. 4


This content is published in conjunction with the University of Maryland Office of International and Executive Programs.



  • Key information on the Chinese legal system affords busy practitioners a quick introduction to relevant laws and issues of critical importance to clients doing business in China.
  • Because the set is authored by well respected Chinese legal scholars and edited by a professor from the University of Maryland, you can stay confident that the information it contains is current and accurate.
  • Browse function enables users to navigate online in the same way as they would navigate the book.



Business Law

  • Business Structures
  • Corporation Law
  • Foreign Investment Law
  • Contract Law
  • Agency Relationship
  • Secured Transactions
  • Payment System
  • Securities Law
  • Competition Law
  • Consumer Protection and Product Liabilities


Chinese International Economic Law

  • Law of International Sale of Goods of The People’s Republic of China
  • China’s Legal System of Carriage and Marine Insurance
  • Chinese Legal System on International Trade Finance
  • China’s Foreign Investment Legal System
  • Foreign Trade Administrative System of Foreign Trade of the People’s Republic of China
  • China and Multilateral Trade Mechanism
  • China’s Foreign Intellectual Property Rights Protection System
  • China’s International Commercial Arbitration System


Criminal Law

  • Aim, Basic Principles, and Scope of Application of the Criminal Law – General Provisions
  • Crimes – General Provisions
  • Punishments – General Provisions
  • The Concrete Application of Punishments – General Provisions
  • The Specific Provisions of the Criminal Law


Taxation Law

  • Taxation Regulation: Basic Theory
  • Circulation Tax Regulation
  • Income Tax Regulation
  • Resource Tax Regulation
  • Property Tax Regulation
  • Behavioural Tax Regulation
  • Tax Collection and Administration Law
  • Taxation Legal Responsibility
  • Remedies for Taxpayers’ Rights
  • International Taxation Treaties


How can users access the Series on Contemporary Chinese Law on Westlaw HK?


Users can add this to their favourite databases by following these simple instructions:

  1. In the Hong Kong tab on the left hand side ‘Shortcuts’ menu, scroll down to the section entitled ‘Search for a database’.
  2. Open the ‘Favourite Databases’ drop-down menu and select ‘Add to Favourites’.  This opens a new page entitled ‘Add to Favourite Databases List’
  3. In the ‘Entry Name’ box type ‘Chinese Law’ or something which will be familiar to you.
  4. In the ‘Database(s)’ box type ‘CNTMPRCHIN’
  5. Click ‘Add Favourite’
  6. This then re-loads the ‘Hong Kong tab’.  If you then scroll down the Shortcuts menu on the left to the section entitled ‘Search for a database’ and click on ‘Favourite Databases’.  You will then see the ‘Chinese Law’ (or your specified name) displayed.  You will now be able to access this database from this location at any time.
  7. Click on ‘Chinese Law’ and this will then load the search page for the Series of Contemporary Chinese Law.  In this page you will notice the links on the right for ‘Table of Contents’ which will open the browse menu, and the ‘Find by Citation’ link to search for a specific citation from the series.



All existing Westlaw HK customers subscribing to the Hong Kong Law package now have access to this unique China law content.  All new subscribers to the Hong Kong Law package from now on will also gain access to this new content.


If you require training on how to use this content or any other on Westlaw HK, please email training@westlaw.com.hk.