Good news for those who need China business law information!  Two new databases have been added for you to use as part of our continuing effort to add value to your Westlaw Subscription:

Mergers and Acquisitions in China (BLC-MA) 

Written by two preeminent China legal experts, Mergers and Acquisitions in China explains key issues and pitfalls arising from clients’ merger and acquisition transactions in China. It helps to gain a better understanding of what actions need to be taken and possible outcomes of those actions. It features an appendix with relevant source materials and a chart pointing the reader to the original Chinese-language names of applicable laws and regulations.

Shareholder Agreements and Joint Ventures in China (BLC-SHARE)

Shareholder Agreements and Joint Ventures in China provides information on the legal framework and structuring of a joint venture in China (focusing on using shareholder agreements as the primary vehicle for establishing a joint venture), including appendixes with relevant source materials such as certain Chinese laws and regulations in translation, and a chart referencing the original, Chinese-language names of applicable Chinese laws and regulations. It is written by a preeminent China legal expert.