A major feature of Customizable Westlaw is the ability to “drag” a database or database group and “drop” it elsewhere on the page. No fancy steps to follow: Just slide it over!

But did you know that you can drag a database or database group to another Customizable Westlaw page? It’s a great way to keep database(s) at your fingertips for quick and easy use.

For example, suppose you want to copy the Combined World Journals and Law Reviews (WORLD-JLR) database from your World Journals tab your International Trade tab for quick usage.  Click and hold your mouse over the Combined World Journals and Law Reviews database, then drag and drop onto the International Trade tab. Next simply click onto the International Trade tab and you will notice then new database listed as “recently added”. You can then move the group to a new location on the page, if you desire.

Note: You cannot drag an item to a tabbed page unless it’s a Customizable Westlaw page.  Please contact your Westlaw Trainer (william.p.white@thomsonreuters.com) for more details.