We have just added Westlaw Business Currents to the Westlaw HK Blog as an RSS feed.  You can find this on the left-hand-side of the screen.  Westlaw Business Currents provides a legal lens on business news and ensures that lawyers can keep track of the financial markets and get the analysis relevant to the practice of law.

Business lawyers need news and timely analysis to stay on top of current trends and maintain a competitive edge for their organization and their clients.

Westlaw Business Currents delivers lawyer-authored content and Westlaw Business source documents together with Reuters news to keep you informed of the latest developments in your areas of interest – and to help you work smarter by leveraging what you know. And it’s all available in one accessible online location.

Westlaw Business Currents allows you to:

  • Stay abreast of trends that may affect your practice
  • Link directly back to model agreements and language
  • Conveniently share articles with colleagues and staff
  • Reduce your overall risk by staying ahead of changes

Westlaw Business Currents highlights:

  • Westlaw Business and law firm-authored content focuses exclusively on the business law aspects of market developments
  • Articles of interest are identified and analyzed to provide insight to specific areas associated with business law
  • Dynamic content in Westlaw Business Currents reflects the constantly changing market environment
  • Provides an online forum where business lawyers can learn and exchange ideas and information with their colleagues and staff

Westlaw Business Currents can help you:

  • Position your firm ahead of changing markets by staying informed of trends and developments
  • Provide informed advice to clients by leveraging Westlaw Business news and analysis to answer questions and build knowledge
  • Draft the best possible agreements using information on current trends as a starting point to research terms and language
  • Keep your colleagues and team members informed of the latest trends using the Westlaw Business Currents sharing options

To access the latest stories from Westlaw Business Currents, you can visit the Westlaw HK Blog.  However to ensure you get all the relevant information, we highly recommend that you sign-up for this useful free service.


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