At Westlaw HK we are proud to launch the first Student Representative Programme in Hong Kong. We have worked closely with the three major universities in Hong Kong to develop the programme and to select the first Westlaw Student Representatives.

Westlaw HK Student Representatives

Westlaw HK Student Representatives

This programme is especially important to us because it helps us to give something back to the legal community with whom we work so closely. By providing advanced training to the Westlaw Student Representatives, we are helping them to get a head-start in their legal careers. Equally, the overall programme enables them to provide assistance to their peers and thereby enhance the general understanding of Hong Kong’s graduating law students on how to perform online legal research. These are, after all, the trainees of the future who will be carrying out lots of the legal research for the firms in which they start to practice.



Westlaw Student Representatives are expected to attend face to face training sessions and to complete advanced e-learning courses in legal research using Westlaw HK, as well as successfully completing a post course evaluation, to achieve their first level of accreditation on the Westlaw HK Legal Research Curriculum.

Following this they will attend scheduled ‘Lab Hours’ in the library at a dedicated Westlaw Zone where students in the law schools can come to seek help in legal research using Westlaw HK and the Westlaw Student Representatives can provide guidance.



The skills development doesn’t stop there. To further their legal research skills there is a curriculum of Bronze, Silver and Gold Level Accreditations that the Westlaw Student Representatives can achieve by completing a series of specially designed activities. This helps them to become more fluent and efficient in their legal research, and to give them more in-depth knowledge on how to find information not only on Hong Kong law but on different jurisdictions and practice areas.

Upon successful completion of an assessment involving face to face presentations, students will be provided with a Certificate of Completion to demonstrate their success. At Westlaw HK we think this will help students to excel when they enter their training contracts.



As part of the launch of this new programme the Westlaw Student Representatives from all three main universities joined the Westlaw HK team to try out Dragon Boating; a sport often entered into by law firms in Hong Kong. After a very successful first attempt at Dragon Boating they were joined by some faculty members and library staff from the universities for a special certificate presentation dinner in Stanley to honour their first advanced level Westlaw HK accreditation.

Graduation as Westlaw HK Student Representatives

Graduation as Westlaw HK Student Representatives

I would like to thank the libraries and faculties at Hong Kong University, Chinese University of Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong for their support in launching this exciting new programme.

Westlaw HK is extremely proud to have launched this programme in Hong Kong, and looks forward to a long tradition of Westlaw Student Representatives graduating and succeeding in legal practice.

Look out for ‘Westlaw Student Representative’ appearing on the CVs of applicants for Trainee Solicitor positions. If it’s there it’s because they’ve earned it!

If you have any questions about the Westlaw HK Student Representative Programme, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Tel: +852 3762 3236.


For general Westlaw HK enquiries:

Tel:+852 3762 3222.


Yours faithfully

Robert Head

Commercial and Online Development Director

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