Subscribers with United Kingdom content will have noticed a change to the Westlaw UK tab.  This tab has been updated to be customizable for ease of usage.  Now customers can easily select databases of interest by checking the corresponding box listed below the search engine.  Terms and Connectors, along with Natural Language search options, allow the user to craft detailed search queries for more accurate results. 

The tab is ready to be used as is, but we suggest a few easy modifications to take full advantage of this new tab.  The screen shot below shows the “Content and Display Options” drop down window open by clicking either “show” or the drop down arrow (note:  this option is found on the upper left of the tab screen).  Once open we suggest the user places a check mark in the boxes under “Database Display Options” (right hand side of screen) for items you would like to see displayed next to your individual databases. 

Content and Display Options Opened with Database Display Styles Checked

 Simply hit “save options” to make the display changes to your tab.  

Database Content Display for UK Tab

The various content categories, as well as each database are now customizable with the same “drag and drop” features as other Westlaw Tabs.  The user may move entire categories (or individual databases) into position for easier usage.  Also note, on the default set up that the “Quick Search” templates are still available similar to the original UK Tab. 

Please contact Bill White our Westlaw Trainer at if you have any questions about this new tab.  Individual or group sessions can be scheduled to prove how the new tab can improve your workflow.