West have recently implemented a system called OnePass to provide increased password security and to help subscribers to create passwords that they can remember rather than the old style alphanumeric passwords Westlaw traditionally uses.

You may have been directed toward the registration page while attempting to log on using your standard Westlaw password (e.g. 1234567ABCD).  Simply email training@westlaw.com.hk for a PDF explaining how to register in a few easy steps.

We strongly suggest that you copy your new username and password to keep safe until you are comfortable using it.  The new OnePass will be case sensitive and some users are mistyping their OnePass.  The sign on screen does provide a link to have your Password resent to you, so it is a good idea to take note of where this reminder is being sent.   You may always call our Reference Attorney / Tech Support line of 001 800 0937 8529 for 24/7 support with OnePass. 

With the new OnePass you will be able to enter into other Westlaw applications using the same password.  Users of Quickview+ are now being prompted to enter their OnePass username and password rather than their 11 digit password.