Looking for legal journals online?  Westlaw HK has all you need!

Over the last year we have added a whole host of journals to the UK Journals collection on Westlaw HK.  The largest collection of its kind in Hong Kong; many of these provide broad topical coverage, whilst many of these are more focused on a particular practice area.

With the legal journals available on Westlaw HK you can access analytical materials across the spectrum of legal issues and practice areas.  More than just restatements of the law, these provide authoritative and current commentary on the legal issues of today.  Their regularity ensures you are always up to date with the latest issues.  The breadth of coverage ensures you have comprehensive legal analysis at your fingertips.

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Current Hong Kong, UK & European coverage:

  1. Hong Kong Law Journal
  2. Journal of Chinese & Comparative Law (2002-2003)
  3. African Journal of International and Comparative Law
  4. Archbold News
  5. Archbold Review
  6. British Journal of Criminology
  7. British Tax Review
  8. Busy Practitioner
  9. Cambridge Law Journal
  10. Civil Justice Quarterly
  11. Civil Procedure News
  12. Communications Law
  13. Company Lawyer
  14. Computer and Telecommunications Law Review
  15. Construction Law Journal
  16. Construction Newsletter
  17. Conveyancer and Property Lawyer
  18. Coventry Law Journal
  19. Criminal Law Forum
  20. Criminal Law Review
  21. Criminal Lawyer
  22. EU Focus
  23. Ecclesiastical Law Journal
  24. Edinburgh Law Review
  25. Employment Law Bulletin
  26. Entertainment Law Review
  27. Environmental Law Review
  28. European Competition Law Review
  29. European Human Rights Law Review
  30. European Intellectual Property Review
  31. European Journal of International Law
  32. European Journal of Law & Economics
  33. European Law Review
  34. European Lawyer
  35. Global Competition Litigation Review
  36. Health & Safety at Work
  37. Human Rights Law Review
  38. Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law
  39. Industrial Law Journal
  40. Insolvency Intelligence
  41. Insolvency Lawyer
  42. Intellectual Property Quarterly
  43. International & Comparative Law Quarterly
  44. International Arbitration Law Review
  45. International Banking Law
  46. International Banking and Financial Law
  47. International Business Law Journal
  48. International Company and Commercial Law Review
  49. International Energy Law & Taxation Review
  50. International Energy Law Review
  51. International Insurance Law Review
  52. International Journal of Constitutional Law
  53. International Journal of Evidence & Proof
  54. International Journal of Law & Information Technology
  55. International Journal of Law in the Built Environment
  56. International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family
  57. International Journal of Refugee Law
  58. International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law
  59. International Sports Law Review
  60. International Trade Law & Regulation
  61. Journal of Business Law
  62. Journal of Competition Law & Economics
  63. Journal of Conflict & Security Law
  64. Journal of Environmental Law
  65. Journal of Financial Crime
  66. Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance
  67. Journal of Housing Law
  68. Journal of Immigration Asylum and Nationality Law
  69. Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation
  70. Journal of International Banking Law
  71. Journal of International Criminal Justice
  72. Journal of International Economic Law
  73. Journal of International Financial Markets
  74. Journal of International Trade Law & Policy
  75. Journal of Law, Economics & Organization
  76. Journal of Money Laundering Control
  77. Journal of Personal Injury Law
  78. Journal of Personal Injury Litigation
  79. Journal of Planning & Environment Law
  80. Journal of Refugee Studies
  81. Landlord & Tenant Review
  82. Law & Philosophy
  83. Law Quarterly Review
  84. Law, Probability & Risk
  85. Legal Information Management
  86. Leiden Journal of International Law
  87. Medical Law Review
  88. Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland
  89. Oxford Journal of Legal Studies
  90. Planning and Environmental Law Bulletin
  91. Private Client Business
  92. Professional Negligence
  93. Property Law Bulletin
  94. Public Law
  95. Public Procurement Law Review
  96. Res Publica
  97. Scots Law Times
  98. Statute Law Review
  99. Trust Law International
  100. VAT Digest
  101. WIPO Journal
  102. World Trade Review