Some users who have registered with OnePass may be experiencing difficulty signing on to Westlaw due to a previously saved password.  This issue can be resolved by simply deleting the “dots” in the password field and then unchecking the “save this password” box.  However, some internet browsers are still remembering prior passwords and repopulating the password field.  We suggest that after deleting the password and removing the “save” feature, the user also clear the cookies from their browser. 

The following steps can be used to clear cookies from your browser.  Please note that other saved passwords on your browser may be removed as well.  Contact your IT or computer specialist if you have any questions or concerns:

From your browser, select Tools, then Internet Options

From Internet Options select Delete from the Browsing History area.

Then check the appropriate items you wish to remove

Your local Westlaw Customer Service Department and your Westlaw trainer have the ability to reset your OnePass password if necessary.  This reset generates a temporary password and you will be required to establish a new password.  For compliance and data privacy purposes Customer Services do not have the ability to see your personal password, best practice suggests that you keep a copy of your username and password in a safe secure space.

For any problems please call our Support line during business hours on Tel: +852 3762 3227, email: or for 24 hour support call Tel: 001 800 0937 8529.