Single Search Box

The homepage has been enhanced with a single search box for all Hong Kong and UK content.  Users will be able to select content they want included using simple checkboxes from a selection of:

  • Cases
  • Legislation
  • Commentary
  • Current Awareness
  • Journals
  • UK


‘AND’ Not ‘OR’

A change to the way the Westlaw HK search runs has made this much simpler for users.  Westlaw HK now uses a space as an ‘AND’ connector rather than an ‘OR’ connector helping users to target their results instead of widening a search.  Also it is worth noting that you do not need to use terms and connectors although


Search Results Categorised by Content Type

Once you have run a homepage search your results are then grouped by the content typeslisted on the homepage so you can quickly navigate to the most appropriate results sets simply by clicking on the links at the top of the results list.

Westlaw HK - Homepage Search Results

Westlaw HK - Homepage Search Results


Sort By Relevance

There is also the option to switch to ‘Sort By Relevance’ in the top right hand corner.  This will remove the content categorisation and mix all the results together and rank them based on their relevance to the search carried out.

Search Within Results

Users can filter their results by adding search terms after their initial search.  Simply enter extra terms into the ‘Search Within Results’ box and run the search.


Add to Alerts

If you have carried out an important search and you want to be notified of any new documents relating to your search that get added to Westlaw HK after your search you can click add to Alerts and complete a simple setup and then Westlaw HK will email you any new documents that are loaded ensuring you never miss an important case or legislative development.

These new features will help users to get to their results even quicker than before and will enable more effective and efficient legal research.

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