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Westlaw HK commits to continually develop and improve our service, we are pleased to announce the new features enhancements which have just launched , and we believe all these updates can make your legal research life easier than ever! 
  • Content from Westlaw HK’s library of in-depth and authoritative commentary and analysis now grouped by subject not just by title
  • Research within a specific legal subject
  • Retrieve results from across our entire range of Hong Kong commentary titles related to your required legal subject
  • Select specific chapters from the subject specific commentary to search across
  • Link directly to cases related to the same subject in HKLRD, HKCFAR, and Unreported Judgments databases

Commentary by Subject

Commentary by Subject1



  • A comprehensive A-Z index of Hong Kong Law from across the entire range of Hong Kong Commentary
  • Research to a specific point of law as it is referenced our Hong Kong Commentary Library
  • Apply the correct context using the Commentary title as a reference
  • Directly access the relevant paragraph of text referencing your required point of law

Hong Kong Legal Commentary Index

Hong Kong Legal Commentary Index1

Hong Kong Legal Commentary Index2 

  • Now covers all commentary titles in a single search
  • Default search is across titles included in your subscription
  • Within ‘Commentary’ select titles or chapters you want to include or exclude
  • Selectively search titles outside of your subscription


  • Now every Legislation provision in Westlaw HK will have a Legislation Analysis document containing:
    • Current Law in Force
    • Historic Law
    • All Cases Citing
    • Journals Citing
    • Commentary
  • All Cases Citing list can be sorted by:
    • Most Recent
    • A-Z
    • Court


Legislation Analysis

Link to the:
  • Judicial application of the provision
  • Current Analysis of the provision in Journals
  • In depth commentary and analysis on the provision in the Hong Kong commentary library


Our legally qualified product specialists stand ready to assist you in getting up to speed with these new enhancements!  Please contact us today at /+852 3762 3242 / +852 3762 3256 to schedule an individual or group training session.  We can customise these sessions to meet your individual needs and can also provide CPD accredited training.

We really hope these enhancements are useful in speeding up your legal research and making your life a little easier!

As always, we value and encourage your feedback, comments and suggestions, so please do get in touch with us at or by phone at +852 3762 3222 for any comments or feedback.


HKLRD Case Reporter Monitor

HKLRD Case Reporter Monitor


First on Westlaw HK, Announced in HKLRD Now, Delivered in print.

Westlaw HK gives you the easiest access to The Authorised Hong Kong Law Reports & Digest, updating you every two weeks.

  • Coverage from 1905
  • Preferential citing in court
  • Cases selected on importance and relevance by the Hong Kong Law Reports & Digest Editorial Team
  • Expert Editorial Board led by Dr Gerard McCoy SBS,SC
  • Full coverage of PDFs for you to download copies exactly as they look in the printed reports to use in court
  • Digests provide a special focus on criminal sentencing and personal injury cases
  • Includes Chinese judgments with headnotes and catchwords
  • The only online source of Hong Kong’s Authorised Law Reporting Service
  • Indexed with catchwords for easier searching and browsing

Contact us today:  +852 3762 3222 / / Request a trial of Westlaw HK

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Figures correct at time of publishing HKLRD October Part 1

Come and visit Thomson Reuters’ Sweet & Maxwell stand at the ADR in Asia Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong starting Wednesday 17 October!

Find out more about HK Arbitration Week with this ALB TV Video:

ADR resources on Westlaw HK include:

Coming soon to Westlaw HK:

  • China Arbitration Handbook
  • Arbitration in China: Regulation of Arbitration Agreements and Practical Issues

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With the addition of further law journals including:

  • European Constitutional Law Review
  • Hague Journal on the Rule of Law
  • Irish Jurist


The full list now includes journals covering an extremely broad set of practice areas and legal topics, delivers current legal analysis on the topics of importance to lawyers in Hong Kong, and provides more than 10 times the coverage of our largest competitor.  All 120 are part of the core Westlaw HK and UK service.


The full list includes:

Click any of the titles below to access the search page for the journal on Westlaw HK.  Non-subscribers can contact +852 3762 3222 to request a trial, or email


  1. African Journal of International and Comparative Law
  2. Arbitration
  3. Archbold News
  4. Archbold Review
  5. British Journal of Criminology
  6. British Tax Review
  7. Busy Practitioner
  8. Cambridge Law Journal
  9. Civil Justice Quarterly
  10. Civil Procedure News
  11. Communications Law
  12. Company Law Newsletter
  13. Company Lawyer
  14. Compliance Officer Bulletin
  15. Computer and Telecommunications Law Review
  16. Construction Law Journal
  17. Construction Newsletter
  18. Conveyancer and Property Lawyer
  19. Coventry Law Journal
  20. Criminal Law Forum
  21. Criminal Law Review
  22. Criminal Lawyer
  23. EU Focus
  24. Ecclesiastical Law Journal
  25. Edinburgh Law Review
  26. Employment Law Bulletin
  27. Entertainment Law Review
  28. Environmental Law Review
  29. European Business Organization Law Review
  30. European Competition Law Review
  31. European Constitutional Law Review
  32. European Human Rights Law Review
  33. European Intellectual Property Review
  34. European Journal of International Law
  35. European Journal of Law & Economics
  36. European Law Review
  37. European Lawyer
  38. European Newsletter
  39. Global Competition Litigation Review
  40. Hague Journal on the Rule of Law
  41. Health & Safety at Work
  42. Hong Kong Law Journal
  43. Human Rights Law Review
  44. Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law
  45. Industrial Law Journal
  46. Insolvency Intelligence
  47. Insolvency Lawyer
  48. Intellectual Property Quarterly
  49. International & Comparative Law Quarterly
  50. International Arbitration Law Review
  51. International Banking Law
  52. International Banking and Financial Law
  53. International Business Law Journal
  54. International Company and Commercial Law Review
  55. International Energy Law & Taxation Review
  56. International Energy Law Review
  57. International Insurance Law Review
  58. International Journal of Constitutional Law
  59. International Journal of Evidence & Proof
  60. International Journal of Law & Information Technology
  61. International Journal of Law in Context
  62. International Journal of Law in the Built Environment
  63. International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family
  64. International Journal of Refugee Law
  65. International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law
  66. International Sports Law Review
  67. International Trade Law & Regulation
  68. Irish Jurist
  69. Journal of African Law
  70. Journal of Business Law
  71. Journal of Competition Law & Economics
  72. Journal of Conflict & Security Law
  73. Journal of Environmental Law
  74. Journal of Financial Crime
  75. Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance
  76. Journal of Housing Law
  77. Journal of Immigration Asylum and Nationality Law
  78. Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation
  79. Journal of International Banking Law
  80. Journal of International Criminal Justice
  81. Journal of International Dispute Settlement
  82. Journal of International Economic Law
  83. Journal of International Financial Markets
  84. Journal of International Trade Law & Policy
  85. Journal of Law, Economics & Organization
  86. Journal of Local Government Law
  87. Journal of Money Laundering Control
  88. Journal of Personal Injury Law
  89. Journal of Personal Injury Litigation
  90. Journal of Planning & Environment Law
  91. Journal of Refugee Studies
  92. Journal of Social Security Law
  93. Kemp News
  94. Landlord & Tenant Review
  95. Law & Philosophy
  96. Law Quarterly Review
  97. Law, Probability & Risk
  98. Legal Information Management
  99. Leiden Journal of International Law
  100. Medical Law Review
  101. Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland
  102. Oxford Journal of Legal Studies
  103. Planning and Environmental Law Bulletin
  104. Private Client Business
  105. Professional Negligence
  106. Property Law Bulletin
  107. Public Law
  108. Public Procurement Law Review
  109. Quantum
  110. Res Publica
  111. Scots Law Times
  112. Scottish Criminal Law
  113. Sentencing News
  114. Statute Law Review
  115. Trust Law International
  116. UCL Jurisprudence Review
  117. VAT Digest
  118. WIPO Journal
  119. Woodfall Landlord & Tenant Bulletin
  120. World Trade Review



ALB Legal News

Westlaw HK is pleased to announce that we are now including News, Deals and Appointments articles from Asian Legal Business in the Hong Kong Current Awareness service on Westlaw HK.

Hong Kong Current Awareness keeps you up to date with all the legislative and regulatory developments in Hong Kong as well as new case law as it is published by the Judiciary. Now we go even further to keep you up-to-date.

ALB Legal News will keep you informed of all the key deals taking place, which firms are representing which parties, the latest lateral moves from across the region, and will provide you with content that explores the commercial implications of legal changes, developments and trends.

ALB Legal News in Westlaw HK

ALB Legal News in Westlaw HK

With approximately 4-5 articles per day and with coverage that extends beyond Hong Kong into China, India and SE Asia, this is a significant addition to the Westlaw HK Current Awareness service will provide value to litigators, corporate lawyers, business development teams and librarians in general.

Visit Westlaw HK today and click on Current Awareness to see what is new from ALB!

Content will be initially loaded as ‘Press Releases’.


Don’t have Current Awareness in your subscription?  Contact us for more information on how to subscribe!

Tel: +852 3762 3222



World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated annually on 26 April.  The event was originally setup by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) back in 2000.

You can find out more from Wikipedia about the history of the event including about the past themes of the event.   This year’s theme is ‘Designing the Future’

The WIPO Website also contains a lot of information about this year’s theme

Westlaw HK has a number of key resources for legal professionals related to Intellectual Property including:


Specialist Intellectual Property Journals


Specialist Intellectual Property Books


Intellectual Property is also extensively referenced in a number of other books and journals on Westlaw HK.  Here we only list the specialist publications.

Westlaw HK also contains all the relevant primary law resources for an Intellectual Property lawyer.

For details about this content or how to gain access to any of these resources please contact us on +852 3762 3222 or email


Members of the Young Bar (in Hong Kong) can now sign up for an exclusive special offer.



Click image to download PDF of full offer.








Current Awareness



*Terms & Conditions:

  • Offer available to Young Bar only (in Hong Kong)
  • One Young Bar Package per person
  • Limited no. of packages availalbe, first come first servced
  • New subscribers only
  • Includes 2011 Hong Kong White Book Volume 1 and 3 only, or Archbold Hong Kong 2011, main work only
  • No cancellation available during the year
  • Deadline May 16th 2011
  • Payment either as annual subscription or monthly by credit card

Following feedback from customers we thought it would be useful to post a note to help users to select the most appropriate software for use with Westlaw HK


Please note that the new Westlaw HK has been optimised for usage on Internet Explorer 7 and above and also on recent Mozilla Firefox browsers. Westlaw HK also effectively operates effectively on the iPad and other mobile devices.  However at this time it is not optimised for usage on Google Chrome.


Also users of Mac Preview may notice that downloaded PDF documents do not render.  This is because these are optimised for download using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is the prevailing software in this area.


We highly recommend that users download the latest versions of either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, and Adobe Acrobat Reader to ensure the best user experience whilst using the new Westlaw HK.

For any questions please contact or telephone +852 3762 3227.

The following cases from The Authorised Hong Kong Law Reports & Digest (HKLRD) service are now available on Westlaw HK:

To access these cases please click on the citation (login to Westlaw HK with your username and password for seamless access).

Westlaw HK have upgraded subscriptions for Law Firms, Barristers and Corporations to Westlaw HK Primary.  This new enhanced subscription now gives access to even more authoritative content for the practitioner in Hong Kong.

The upgrade adds the following Commentary Titles to the subscription:

  • Civil Procedure in Hong Kong: A Guide to the Main Principles
  • Professional Conduct & Risk Management in Hong Kong
  • The Conflict of Laws in Hong Kong
  • The Law of the WTO: China and the Future of Free Trade

This complements the already existing online commentary comprising

  • Hong Kong Civil Procedure (Hong Kong White Book) 2009
  • Hong Kong Civil Procedure (Hong Kong White Book) Recent Edition
  • Principles & Practice of Civil Procedure in Hong Kong

New law firm, bar and corporate subscribers to Westlaw HK will automatically qualify for Westlaw HK Primary

Here we explain a bit more about each of the new Westlaw HK resources.


With the implementation of Civil Justice Reform on 2 April 2009, civil procedure in Hong Kong has entered a new era. Significant amendments have been made to the Rules of the High Court and other relevant legislation. Not only has Civil Justice Reform brought about marked changes to the way civil litigation should be conducted, but it also has begun and will continue to bring about a new litigation culture which is of crucial importance for achieving fair and cost-effective disputes resolution.

This book provides a user-friendly, simply written and laid out guide to the main principles of civil procedure in Hong Kong for students (including overseas students studying for the PCLL Conversion Examination in Civil Procedure) and practitioners who would like to gain a good general understanding of particular procedures quickly.


Professional conduct is a key area for all members of Hong Kong’s legal profession. To be part of a successful practice today, one is required to follow a set of rules of conduct and to perform effective risk management to achieve minimum exposure to a complaint or claim. All professionals have to follow their ethical guides to ensure the integrity of their profession.

Professional Conduct and Risk Management in Hong Kong is the first book of its kind to comprehensively cover the rules for all contentious and non-contentious matters. It promotes awareness and includes practical discussions and useful cases in relation to conduct and risk management. All members of the legal profession, from trainee solicitors to senior judges will find this to be the essential text for their daily business.

Written by practitioners for practitioners, this highly practical manual sets out the rules with comprehensive discussion. There is extensive discussion of useful cases, disciplinary hearings and the authors have called upon their day-to-day experiences. In addition, risk management rules are also covered. For the first time a broad approach has been taken. This book covers not only barristers and solicitors, but other lawyers such as in-house counsel, legal officers, foreign lawyers and judicial conduct, as well as other professionals such as accountants.

Key Benefits

  • Highly practical work. Written by practitioners for practitioners.
  • Fully comprehensive.
  • First publication in Hong Kong to cover risk management.
  • Specialist chapters for practice areas.
  • Disciplinary decisions, subject to confidentiality issues, discussed.



The Conflict of Laws in Hong Kong is an authoritative and comprehensive guide to the body of law which governs the approach of the Hong Kong civil courts to the selection of governing law and the determination of jurisdiction in cases with a cross-border element (including mainland China and Taiwan as well as foreign countries).

The Hong Kong courts’ approach was originally based on English law but has diverged enormously as a result of statutory changes and a strong body of Hong Kong case law. As a result, it can be very hard for even a specialist to work out the precise position under Hong Kong law for example the author includes a chapter on Exceptions from Ordinary Principles.

Hong Kong’s importance as a global financial centre makes this text an essential reference for all lawyers involved in cross-border transactions in contexts as varied as commercial deals, litigation, family law, insolvency, trusts and estates.

  • Essential for properly dealing with cross-border legal issues
  • Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments are discussed
  • Useful chapters such as Evidence and Remedies & Procedure
  • Authoritative and comprehensive coverage
  • Practical and detailed analysis in one source



This landmark work traces the development of WTO law from GATT to Doha. It sets out, in one complete and authoritative volume, the Organisation’s basic principles and their practical application in relation to trade in goods, services, agriculture and textiles.

The Law of the WTO: China and the Future of Free Trade offers an in-depth analysis of important WTO case law over the past 50 years, and provides full coverage of China’s legal obligations, regional trade agreements and CEPA, subsidies and countervailing duties, anti-dumping, intellectual property rights and dispute resolution.


  • From GATT to WTO
  • The Basic Principles
  • Regional Arrangements
  • Trade in Goods / Trade in Services
  • Intellectual Property System
  • Dispute Settlement
  • Agriculture Trade / Non-tariff Barriers
  • Subsidy and Countervailing Duties
  • Anti-dumping / Safeguards / TRIMs
  • Government Procurement
  • Development Law of the WTO



Login to Westlaw HK at today and click on ‘Commentary’ at the top of the page.  From here you can select a title to search or browse down through the table of contents of the title of your choice.


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