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The following cases from The Authorised Hong Kong Law Reports & Digest (HKLRD) service are now available on Westlaw HK:

To access these cases please click on the citation (login to Westlaw HK with your username and password for seamless access).


Westlaw HK would like to wish the Hong Kong legal profession a very Happy New Year and best wishes for a prosperous 2011!

2010 saw a lot of enhancements to Westlaw HK following its initial launch including:

  • A new citator service with new easy to use icons, enhanced history and more case cross-referencing
  • New browse functionality
  • Addition of comprehensive PDF coverage for HKLRD and HKCFAR back to 1905 (The largest collection available!)
  • Addition of The Law & Practice of Hong Kong Companies (Online Book)
  • Addition of Chitty on Contracts: Hong Kong Specific Contracts (Online Book)
  • Addition of Competition Law in China and Hong Kong (Online Book)
  • Addition of Employment Law & Practice in China (Online Book)
  • Addition of Principles and Practice of Civil Procedure in Hong Kong  to core Westlaw HK Subscription (Online Book)
  • Addition of UK Annotated Statutes as an add-on subscription
  • Simplified Historical law searching and browsing back to 1997
  • Simpler Alerts
  • iPad, iPhone and Blackberry all supported
  • Integration of Hong Kong, China, Regional and International News to the Hong Kong subscription
  • Increase of UK journals coverage to 110 full text journals
  • Addition of further UK law report series
  • Addition of Hansard to UK Current Awareness

Add to this some of the fantastic UK commentary resources we made available on Westlaw HK including:


We also have a lot in store for Westlaw HK in 2011 which we hope will help you to achieve your goals.

These enhancements will include (amongst other things):

Plus we have received some fantastic feedback from users of the new Westlaw HK and we are really pleased to know that legal research did get easier with the new Westlaw HK!

We are also taking on board customer suggestions for future enhancements so would like to thank those people who have fed back some suggestions.

So keep an eye on the blog and your Westlaw Edge emails for more details on our future developments

All our best wishes for a prosperous 2011!

The Westlaw HK Team

The following cases from The Authorised Hong Kong Law Reports & Digest (HKLRD) service are now available on Westlaw HK:

To access these cases please click on the citation (login to Westlaw HK with your username and password for seamless access).

We are pleased to announce that we have added three new case reports series to your service.  Existing Westlaw HK subscribers with access to the UK Primary Law add-on will automatically benefit from this new content.  New subscribers to Westlaw HK will also receive this new content.

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Published by Sweet & Maxwell, this is a leading service reporting regularly on a careful selection of the most significant planning decisions. The title provides a vital, up-to-date source of information for all those whose work involves them in planning appeals and inquiries. In addition, expert commentary highlights and discusses current themes in decision-making.

Coverage on Westlaw HK will start from 1986.


Also published by Sweet & Maxwell, this series was formerly known as Crown Office Digest. It is the only case digest to provide administrative law practitioners and researchers with fully referenced coverage of all the important decisions across the wide range of the Administrative Court. It offers unrivalled coverage of public law decisions.

Coverage on Westlaw HK will start from 2001.


Published by Class Legal Publishing, this report series brings together the key criminal and civil cases that have influenced and shaped the way in which awards are decided. Costs Law Reports is the only source which can give you access to cases from 1910 to the present day.

Coverage on Westlaw HK starts from 1997, with selected coverage from 1910-1996.

We are also pleased to announce the addition of 8 more full-text journals which are available for you to use now.  All Existing Westlaw HK subscribers with access to the UK Primary Law add-on will benefit from this extended content coverage.  Any new Westlaw HK subscribers taking the same add-on can also benefit from this content.

Contact us to request a free trial: tel: +852 3762 3222 /


This journal is published by Sweet & Maxwell and focuses on the tax regimes and laws affecting business transactions in Europe. It provides analysis and discussion of major changes in the laws of the individual member States. Ten updates a year ensure you stay informed of key business topics and legislative changes throughout Europe.

Coverage on Westlaw UK starts from 2003.


Published by Sweet & Maxwell, this journal is a comprehensive guide to frequent developments and the key legal and policy issues affecting social security and welfare law. It includes coverage of the Jobseeker’s Allowance, child support, disability benefits, the social fund and other income related and non-means tested benefits. It covers both current and impending legislation, recent cases and other news.

Coverage on Westlaw UK starts from 1994.


The Woodfall Landlord & Tenant Bulletin is a quarterly updating service to Woodfall: Landlord and Tenant. This title is the definitive guide to all aspects of landlord and tenant law, and is the most widely cited in courtrooms. Its encyclopaedic coverage combines authority and experience with a concern for the reader’s practical needs.

Coverage on Westlaw UK commences in 2007.


Current Sentencing Practice News is a quarterly newsletter which complements the looseleaf title, Current Sentencing Practice.The newsletter deals with the Court’s powers of sentencing and the procedures to be followed. Furthermore, it includes a selection of sentencing decisions from the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) and the Divisional Court.

Coverage on Westlaw UK commences in 1995.


Kemp News complements the definitive source on the quantum of damages relating to personal injury claims – Kemp & Kemp: Quantum of Damages. Kemp News is an updating journal to this looseleaf. It deals with every type of PI claim, covering both general damages (PSLA) and special damages and explains complex award types and procedural matters relating to quantum.

Coverage on Westlaw UK commences in 1995, when the journal was called “Quantum”. The journal changed name to Kemp News in 2005.


This journal, published by Sweet & Maxwell, is aimed at compliance officers and their advisers. It allows them to keep up to date with an unending series of changes to the UK regulatory regime.

Presenting an unrivalled commentary and analysis on how FSA regulations impact on compliance officers and their business, it covers a specific regulatory area in depth in each issue – from the complaints process to FSA investigations, from money laundering to conduct of business and from Basel to corporate governance.

Coverage on Westlaw UK will start from 2004.


Published by Sweet & Maxwell, this is now available in full text. The Newsletter contains essential and topical information that helps you keep up to date with the latest developments in company law and practice.

• Provides authoritative coverage on a fortnightly basis

• Contains digests of recent cases detailing the facts and decisions, the court and date of judgment

• Covers legislative changes

• A News Desk section includes the latest developments in company law plus coverage of related areas such as financial services

• Regularly contains articles by leading commentators on the latest developments of note in company law, including insolvency

Coverage on Westlaw UK commences in 2003.criminal Law


This journal is published by W Green and is also now available in full text. Scottish Criminal Law is a new monthly criminal case reports series, making it twice as current as any similar series available in Scotland.

In addition to case reports Scottish Criminal Law will also publish high quality articles, an Appeal Court column and commentary. The key content of each issue will include:

• A Feature Article

• An Appeal Court column

• Full-text law reports with case commentaries

• Full-text sentencing cases

• Personal Opinion section

The enhanced currency combined with the expert editorial work of Sheriff T Welsh will make Scottish Criminal Law the obvious choice when deciding where to access information in this field.

Coverage on Westlaw UK commences in 2003.

From 26 October 2010 you’ll have noticed that PDFs of UK legislation on Westlaw HK will have some additional functionality.


We’re making them more comprehensive and adding navigational aids, so that you can save time finding the content you need.



Every PDF of UK legislation on Westlaw HK will have bookmarks, allowing you to clearly see the structure of an Act or SI.

PDF Bookmarks

PDF Bookmarks

Use the expandable bookmark menu to browse down to a part or section you’re interested in and then click on the title to link directly to it within the document.

*PDF Bookmark functionality is dependent on your PDF reader software. Westlaw HK cannot guarantee full compatibility with all readers.



Also accessible from the bookmark menu you’ll find a link to a Table of Contents. This is displayed at the end of the document and contains page references for all the provisions within the Act or SI, which you can use to link to that content.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


The Table of Contents is also printable, allowing you to easily find the content you need offline as well as online.



We’ve incorporated Westlaw HK’s legislation status icons into the PDFs to show you the status of each provision.

Status Icons

Status Icons

Status icons can also be found next to each provision within the Table of Contents.
The notes for each provision have been improved to provide you all the information you need to interpret a provision. Notes are now displayed immediately after the text of the provision. In addition commencement and extent information is also provided.



Where a parallel version of a provision exists for a different jurisdiction you will now also find it in the notes for that provision.
Where a legislation document has been modified you will find a Table of Modifications for the UK Legislation PDF on Westlaw HK
Table of Modifications

Table of Modifications


This will allow you to check if a particular document or provision has been modified and by what so you can ensure you have all the documents pertinent to your research.
Existing subscribers to Westlaw HK’s UK Primary Law add-on will receive these enhancements automatically.  New subscribers will also benefit from these enhancements.
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Westlaw HK’s redesigned search results page comes with new ‘Terms in Context’ functionality.  This means that users can choose to include or exclude excerpts from the result document in their search result screen.

Westlaw HK - Homepage Search Results

Westlaw HK - Homepage Search Results


How does this help?

  • Users get presented with their search terms in the context of the document they appear in, within their result list.  This means you can identify relevance without even having to open the result document, saving you time and getting you relevant results faster.
  • Terms in context can be used in conjunction with catchwords to identfy the legal meaning of the document and to see the relevance in the document itself.


Take a fresh look at the new Westlaw HK today and request a trial today

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The New Westlaw HK has been designed with new content specific search templates for Cases, Legislation, Commentary, Journals, Current Awareness, News and each of the UK content types.   Each content type has 2 templates:

  • Basic Search
  • Advanced Search


Westlaw HK - Cases Search Template

Westlaw HK - Cases Search Template


The Basic Search provides the key fields required for most general legal research.  For example ‘Cases’ uses:

  • Free Text
  • Party Names
  • Citation


However, the Advanced Search enables detailed researchers to target their legal research more specifically to cases needing to fulfil a number of criteria.  For Example ‘Cases’ also has the following extra fields:

  • Subject/Catchword
  • Legislation Title
  • Legislation Provision No.
  • Cases Cited (Party)
  • Cases Cited (Citation)
  • Court
  • Judge
  • Date


Westlaw HK - Cases Advanced Search

Westlaw HK - Cases Advanced Search


This means users could potentially find out which decisions on a specific topic a specific judge has made within a specific timeframe so users can assess the rulings made by judges on specific issues.

Each content type’s template is unique to the content to enable users to get the most relevant results for their search.


The content type search is automatically filtered to the content on display in the browse section as you browse down into more specific collections of content.

E.g. in Cases, if you select to browse into Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Reports, then you will only then be searching in this collection of cases.  In most cases ‘What you see is what you search’.


These new search templates simplify legal research by removing the need to write complex search strings with terms & connectors.  Users can just enter the specific terms into the search fields and Westlaw HK adds all the terms and connectors for you behind the scenes using the ‘AND’ connector for each separate field used.

Don’t forget space = ‘AND’ in the new Westlaw HK

Contact us today and request a Free Trial of the New Westlaw HK

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Single Search Box

The homepage has been enhanced with a single search box for all Hong Kong and UK content.  Users will be able to select content they want included using simple checkboxes from a selection of:

  • Cases
  • Legislation
  • Commentary
  • Current Awareness
  • Journals
  • UK


‘AND’ Not ‘OR’

A change to the way the Westlaw HK search runs has made this much simpler for users.  Westlaw HK now uses a space as an ‘AND’ connector rather than an ‘OR’ connector helping users to target their results instead of widening a search.  Also it is worth noting that you do not need to use terms and connectors although


Search Results Categorised by Content Type

Once you have run a homepage search your results are then grouped by the content typeslisted on the homepage so you can quickly navigate to the most appropriate results sets simply by clicking on the links at the top of the results list.

Westlaw HK - Homepage Search Results

Westlaw HK - Homepage Search Results


Sort By Relevance

There is also the option to switch to ‘Sort By Relevance’ in the top right hand corner.  This will remove the content categorisation and mix all the results together and rank them based on their relevance to the search carried out.

Search Within Results

Users can filter their results by adding search terms after their initial search.  Simply enter extra terms into the ‘Search Within Results’ box and run the search.


Add to Alerts

If you have carried out an important search and you want to be notified of any new documents relating to your search that get added to Westlaw HK after your search you can click add to Alerts and complete a simple setup and then Westlaw HK will email you any new documents that are loaded ensuring you never miss an important case or legislative development.

These new features will help users to get to their results even quicker than before and will enable more effective and efficient legal research.

Contact us to find how legal research could get easier for you

Tel: + 3762 3222


Westlaw HK has been launched with a completely new design based on feedback from the legal profession in Hong Kong.  We listened to our customers and developed an interface which is clearer, simpler and helps them get better results even faster. 

The New Westlaw HK

The New Westlaw HK


The new interface is structured in a way so that it enables us to deliver the most relevant content to legal practitioners in Hong Kong in the most user friendly way.  The new interface utilises new functionality to connect the users to the content more quickly, new tools speed up cross-referencing and intuitive design makes it very easy for new users to get used to.

Now tried, tested and trusted by hundreds of Hong Kong’s legal professionals, the New Westlaw HK is the next evolution in Hong Kong’s legal research.

Customers’ comments about the new interface have included:

General comments



“Easy to use”


Specific Comments

“I am impressed with the new layout”, Andrew Bruce, SC. Gilt Chambers

“Easy to use first page” , Alfred Ip, Partner Oldham Li & Nie


Contact us to find out more about The New Westlaw HK

Take a fresh look:  Ask for a free trial!

Tel: +852 3762 3222



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