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The New Westlaw HK has been designed with new content specific search templates for Cases, Legislation, Commentary, Journals, Current Awareness, News and each of the UK content types.   Each content type has 2 templates:

  • Basic Search
  • Advanced Search


Westlaw HK - Cases Search Template

Westlaw HK - Cases Search Template


The Basic Search provides the key fields required for most general legal research.  For example ‘Cases’ uses:

  • Free Text
  • Party Names
  • Citation


However, the Advanced Search enables detailed researchers to target their legal research more specifically to cases needing to fulfil a number of criteria.  For Example ‘Cases’ also has the following extra fields:

  • Subject/Catchword
  • Legislation Title
  • Legislation Provision No.
  • Cases Cited (Party)
  • Cases Cited (Citation)
  • Court
  • Judge
  • Date


Westlaw HK - Cases Advanced Search

Westlaw HK - Cases Advanced Search


This means users could potentially find out which decisions on a specific topic a specific judge has made within a specific timeframe so users can assess the rulings made by judges on specific issues.

Each content type’s template is unique to the content to enable users to get the most relevant results for their search.


The content type search is automatically filtered to the content on display in the browse section as you browse down into more specific collections of content.

E.g. in Cases, if you select to browse into Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Reports, then you will only then be searching in this collection of cases.  In most cases ‘What you see is what you search’.


These new search templates simplify legal research by removing the need to write complex search strings with terms & connectors.  Users can just enter the specific terms into the search fields and Westlaw HK adds all the terms and connectors for you behind the scenes using the ‘AND’ connector for each separate field used.

Don’t forget space = ‘AND’ in the new Westlaw HK

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