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Westlaw HK would like to wish the Hong Kong legal profession a very Happy New Year and best wishes for a prosperous 2011!

2010 saw a lot of enhancements to Westlaw HK following its initial launch including:

  • A new citator service with new easy to use icons, enhanced history and more case cross-referencing
  • New browse functionality
  • Addition of comprehensive PDF coverage for HKLRD and HKCFAR back to 1905 (The largest collection available!)
  • Addition of The Law & Practice of Hong Kong Companies (Online Book)
  • Addition of Chitty on Contracts: Hong Kong Specific Contracts (Online Book)
  • Addition of Competition Law in China and Hong Kong (Online Book)
  • Addition of Employment Law & Practice in China (Online Book)
  • Addition of Principles and Practice of Civil Procedure in Hong Kong  to core Westlaw HK Subscription (Online Book)
  • Addition of UK Annotated Statutes as an add-on subscription
  • Simplified Historical law searching and browsing back to 1997
  • Simpler Alerts
  • iPad, iPhone and Blackberry all supported
  • Integration of Hong Kong, China, Regional and International News to the Hong Kong subscription
  • Increase of UK journals coverage to 110 full text journals
  • Addition of further UK law report series
  • Addition of Hansard to UK Current Awareness

Add to this some of the fantastic UK commentary resources we made available on Westlaw HK including:


We also have a lot in store for Westlaw HK in 2011 which we hope will help you to achieve your goals.

These enhancements will include (amongst other things):

Plus we have received some fantastic feedback from users of the new Westlaw HK and we are really pleased to know that legal research did get easier with the new Westlaw HK!

We are also taking on board customer suggestions for future enhancements so would like to thank those people who have fed back some suggestions.

So keep an eye on the blog and your Westlaw Edge emails for more details on our future developments

All our best wishes for a prosperous 2011!

The Westlaw HK Team

David Brown, president of Thomson Reuters IP Solutions, took a few moments out on his recent trip to Beijing to share his thoughts on global growth in the patent and trademark industry.

In this podcast, he discusses how law firms are capitalising on these growth opportunities, especially in China and Korea, to develop new clients and retain market share, and how Thomson Reuters is supporting their patent research needs through the new combined offering of Westlaw Patents + Thomson Innovation.

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The practice of law in the People’s Republic of China can be a challenge for any lawyer working on behalf of companies doing business with Chinese companies.

We recently talked with Owen D. Nee Jr., of Jones Day for a podcast. (Listen to audio).

China now the world’s third-largest economy and the recipient of more foreign investment each year than any other country, can be intimidating.  Its business laws and the practice of deal-making have long been a source of confusion of mystery.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Nee told us the failure of many joint ventures is linked to the basic misunderstandings of the deal-making process, which too often occurs because the investor or its lawyer fail to study the applicable legal ground rules.

Nee wrote the new Shareholder Agreements and Joint Ventures in China, and co-authored Mergers and Acquisitions in China with Jingzhou Tao, Partner at Jones Day.  Both titles are part of the new China Law Library from Sweet & Maxwell.

Good news for those who need China business law information!  Two new databases have been added for you to use as part of our continuing effort to add value to your Westlaw Subscription:

Mergers and Acquisitions in China (BLC-MA) 

Written by two preeminent China legal experts, Mergers and Acquisitions in China explains key issues and pitfalls arising from clients’ merger and acquisition transactions in China. It helps to gain a better understanding of what actions need to be taken and possible outcomes of those actions. It features an appendix with relevant source materials and a chart pointing the reader to the original Chinese-language names of applicable laws and regulations.

Shareholder Agreements and Joint Ventures in China (BLC-SHARE)

Shareholder Agreements and Joint Ventures in China provides information on the legal framework and structuring of a joint venture in China (focusing on using shareholder agreements as the primary vehicle for establishing a joint venture), including appendixes with relevant source materials such as certain Chinese laws and regulations in translation, and a chart referencing the original, Chinese-language names of applicable Chinese laws and regulations. It is written by a preeminent China legal expert.


Westlaw HK is pleased to announce the addition of West’s Series on Contemporary Chinese Law to the Hong Kong subscription.  This provides a gateway into Chinese economic, business, criminal and tax law.  Chinese legal scholars provide an introduction to law in the People’s Republic of China.


Through this new series, Westlaw HK customers will gain a better knowledge of each major legal area needed to start doing business in China.  Beginning with basic fundamentals and then working into more complex concepts, this new series is specifically designed for those who are not yet in China, but looking to establish a presence.


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Westlaw HK recently held an event at its Central office in the Landmark, to showcase a series of products which are now available for sale in Hong Kong.  Over 30 practitioners including solicitors, barristers, law librarians and academic law librarians arrived ready to find out about the latest developments from Westlaw HK.


The session began with a short comedy video created by the Westlaw team in the US, about how Westlaw helps to take the stress out of legal research (See Westlaw Stress Toy – Part 1).


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In this, the fourth video in our series on China, Stephen Yao explains how Westlaw China differentiates itself and why its translation are of  the highest quality.



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A live Westlaw China demonstration will be conducted at 42/F Gloucester Tower, The Landmark on 26 February 2009.  This session will be conducted by our Westlaw China Online Trainer from Beijing and will provide and excellent opportunity for users to observe and ask questions directly to a member of our China team.  The session will begin promptly at 1:00pm and run approximately 1 hour.  Seating is limited so please RSVP to to reserve a place.

Contact Sweet & Maxwell today to request a trial of Westlaw China.  Find out more from the Sweet & Maxwell website.

In this, the third of our series of videos on China, Stephen Yao of Westlaw China briefly discusses the challenges involved in conducting legal research on Chinese law.



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This is the second of our series of videos on China featuring Stephen Yao, President and Chief Executive Officer of Westlaw China.  In this video Stephen Yao explains the growth of the Chinese legal market.



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