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World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated annually on 26 April.  The event was originally setup by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) back in 2000.

You can find out more from Wikipedia about the history of the event including about the past themes of the event.   This year’s theme is ‘Designing the Future’

The WIPO Website also contains a lot of information about this year’s theme

Westlaw HK has a number of key resources for legal professionals related to Intellectual Property including:


Specialist Intellectual Property Journals


Specialist Intellectual Property Books


Intellectual Property is also extensively referenced in a number of other books and journals on Westlaw HK.  Here we only list the specialist publications.

Westlaw HK also contains all the relevant primary law resources for an Intellectual Property lawyer.

For details about this content or how to gain access to any of these resources please contact us on +852 3762 3222 or email

Westlaw HK would like to wish the Hong Kong legal profession a very Happy New Year and best wishes for a prosperous 2011!

2010 saw a lot of enhancements to Westlaw HK following its initial launch including:

  • A new citator service with new easy to use icons, enhanced history and more case cross-referencing
  • New browse functionality
  • Addition of comprehensive PDF coverage for HKLRD and HKCFAR back to 1905 (The largest collection available!)
  • Addition of The Law & Practice of Hong Kong Companies (Online Book)
  • Addition of Chitty on Contracts: Hong Kong Specific Contracts (Online Book)
  • Addition of Competition Law in China and Hong Kong (Online Book)
  • Addition of Employment Law & Practice in China (Online Book)
  • Addition of Principles and Practice of Civil Procedure in Hong Kong  to core Westlaw HK Subscription (Online Book)
  • Addition of UK Annotated Statutes as an add-on subscription
  • Simplified Historical law searching and browsing back to 1997
  • Simpler Alerts
  • iPad, iPhone and Blackberry all supported
  • Integration of Hong Kong, China, Regional and International News to the Hong Kong subscription
  • Increase of UK journals coverage to 110 full text journals
  • Addition of further UK law report series
  • Addition of Hansard to UK Current Awareness

Add to this some of the fantastic UK commentary resources we made available on Westlaw HK including:


We also have a lot in store for Westlaw HK in 2011 which we hope will help you to achieve your goals.

These enhancements will include (amongst other things):

Plus we have received some fantastic feedback from users of the new Westlaw HK and we are really pleased to know that legal research did get easier with the new Westlaw HK!

We are also taking on board customer suggestions for future enhancements so would like to thank those people who have fed back some suggestions.

So keep an eye on the blog and your Westlaw Edge emails for more details on our future developments

All our best wishes for a prosperous 2011!

The Westlaw HK Team

We are pleased to announce that we have added a series of UK Practice Area Commentary titles to Westlaw HK.  The addition of these titles can help you to extend the reach of your online legal research by interlinking the case law and legislation to the analytical materials in which they are cited.  No longer do you need to switch from book to book, with Westlaw HK you can now link directly in between the primary law and the analytical text.  Our intuitive and easy to use new functionality also allows you to quickly and easily return to previous documents you have viewed within the same research session, making legal research even easier.

Packages now available include:

Intellectual Property

  • Copinger & Skone James on Copyright
  • Kerly’s Law of Trade Marks and Trade Names
  • Terrell on the Law of Patents

Civil Procedure

  • Bullen, Leake and Jacobs Precedents of Pleadings
  • Civil Procedure (The White Book)


  • Archbold: Criminal Pleading, Evidence and Practice
  • Current Sentencing Practice (including Current Sentencing Referencer)
  • Renton and Brown: Criminal Procedure
  • Renton and Brown: Criminal Procedure Legislation

Company Law

  • Palmer’s Company Law
  • Totty & Moss on Insolvency


  • Totty & Moss on Insolvency
  • Sealy & Milman: Annotated Guide to Insolvency Legislation

International Arbitration

  • Redfern & Hunter on International Arbitration

Landlord & Tenant

  • Woodfall: Landlord and Tenant


Specific individual titles are also available as add-ons.  These include:

  • C.I.P.A. Guide to the Patents Acts
  • Sealy & Milman: Annotated Guide to Insolvency Legislation



 UK Practice Area Commentary Factsheet



Existing Westlaw HK customers and those considering a subscription can request a trial of one or more of these packages.

Contact Us:

Tel: +852 3762 3222


or visit and visit the Commentary section.

Looking for legal journals online?  Westlaw HK has all you need!

Over the last year we have added a whole host of journals to the UK Journals collection on Westlaw HK.  The largest collection of its kind in Hong Kong; many of these provide broad topical coverage, whilst many of these are more focused on a particular practice area.

With the legal journals available on Westlaw HK you can access analytical materials across the spectrum of legal issues and practice areas.  More than just restatements of the law, these provide authoritative and current commentary on the legal issues of today.  Their regularity ensures you are always up to date with the latest issues.  The breadth of coverage ensures you have comprehensive legal analysis at your fingertips.

Contact us today to trial Westlaw HK and try out our Journals collections.

Tel: +852 3762 3222


Current Hong Kong, UK & European coverage:

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The following cases from the Authorised Hong Kong Law Reports & Digest (HKLRD) service are now available on Westlaw HK:

To access these cases please click on the HKLRD citation and login to Westlaw International with your username and password.

Westlaw HK News

Westlaw HK News has also provided 2 video summaries of the Hummingbird and Host Hotels cases

In this episode Heidi Chun, Assistant Editor of the Authorised Hong Kong Law Reports & Digest (HKLRD) provides an overview of this newly reported case.

HKLRD is uniquely available online through Westlaw HK.

Existing users can access the case at: Host Hotels & Resorts v Registrar of Trade Marks [2010] 1 HKLRD 541

To request a trial please contact us at +852 3762 3222  or email

David Brown, president of Thomson Reuters IP Solutions, took a few moments out on his recent trip to Beijing to share his thoughts on global growth in the patent and trademark industry.

In this podcast, he discusses how law firms are capitalising on these growth opportunities, especially in China and Korea, to develop new clients and retain market share, and how Thomson Reuters is supporting their patent research needs through the new combined offering of Westlaw Patents + Thomson Innovation.

Listen to this WestCast

In order for an invention to be patentable, it must be novel, nonobvious, and useful.  To help the practitioner make these determinations, the Patent Practitioner Tab offers several resources, including full-text patent databases, KeyCite and many others.  

Patent Practitioner Tab

Search using United States Patent Materials-All database

Searching Full-Text Patents  

Select the database U.S. Patents and Assignments database under Prior Art category.  Then enter your inquiry, e.g., bevel! /s dilation /s catheter and click “Search”.  

Patent Result

Document retrieved in US-PAT-ALL search

While viewing the patent document, you can easily access history and citing references for the patent in KeyCite by clicking the appropriate links on the Links tab.  Also, you can display the full original patent, including drawings in PDF by clicking Full Original Patent on the Links tab.  Within the document, links in the References Cited section allow the user to view references cited in the patent itself.  

To find out more about Westlaw’s Patent Practitioner, feel free to contact us at   


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